8 Ball Pool Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Hacks For Beginners

Tips & Trick
Tips & Trick

“8 Ball Pool ” is a game many people play online. It’s a game that you can play alone or with your friends. People who play games want to be really good at them and beat other players. That’s why some people use tips, tricks, cheats, and hacks to get better or win more easily.

This guide will help beginners learn tips and tricks to improve their 8 Ball Pool game. The focus will teach you everything from the game’s basic rules to more advanced techniques that can help you win more often. The guide will also discuss what people do to cheat and gain an unfair advantage.

Whether you’re just starting to play the game or have been playing for a while, this guide will help you improve. When you’re done reading it, you’ll know more about how to play 8 Ball Pool and how to win more games. So let’s start reading and getting better at the game!”

#1. Open The Game Every Day To Collect Bonus Coins and Cash

“Sometimes in the game, you might need real money to buy things. But don’t worry; you can also get free stuff by playing the game daily. This means that if you open the game daily, you will get free coins and other things. There are also many mini-games in the game that you can play to earn more coins, cash, and mystery boxes.

If you need more time to play the game, you can still earn free coins and bonuses by doing some easy activities. These activities include completing a quick survey or watching a short advertisement. By doing these things, you can get more coins and other things for free without spending any real money.”

Spin and Win

  • Lucky Shot
  • Scratch and Win
  • A Surprise Box
  • Free Coins and Free Cash
  • Send and Receive Gifts

“If you have more time to play the game, there is another way to earn even more free coins and bonuses. This is by completing daily missions. Daily missions are tasks you must complete daily to earn bonus coins and mystery boxes. By completing these missions every day, you can make a lot of coins and increase your overall balance in the game.

Doing this every day is important because you can earn bonus coins and mystery boxes. If you do this regularly, you will get a lot of coins and increase your balance. Doing this lets you be strategic and plan how you use your coins in the game.”

#2. Choose The Room Intelligently

f you’re new to the game or looking for a way to earn coins quickly, there is an intelligent strategy that you can follow. But before sharing this strategy, knowing which rooms you should play in is important. In the beginning, it’s recommended to play in the London and Sydney rooms. These rooms have easy rules; you don’t have to call the pocket for every ball you hit. It would be best if you also tried to collect rings, which can help you earn more coins.

Room NameCoins at StakeWinning Prize
Downtown London50100
Sydney Marina Bar100200
Lisbon Summer Club5001000
Tokyo Warrior Hall25005000
In the Lisbon and Tokyo rooms, the rules are different. You are required to call the pocket only for the 8 Ball. These rooms are suitable for beginners to play in because they usually have low-level players. Playing in these rooms can help you earn Experience Points, Trophies, Collection Power, and VIP points, all while slowly and steadily collecting coin prizes.
Playing in these rooms can also help build up your experience and skills. Since these rooms have a small number of coins at stake, it’s a safer option for new players to learn the game without risking too much.”

#3. Purchase A Better Pool Cue Or Upgrade the Existing Cue

“To have a better chance of winning matches, it’s a good idea to have a better pool cue. You can get a better pool cue by winning one-on-one matches and getting victory boxes. These boxes contain card pieces that you can use to unlock new cues. This way, you can get better cues without spending money or coins.

There are multiple categories of cues, and every one of them comes with its advantages:

LegendaryPool Pass Exclusive
After you unlock a new cue, you should continue to collect cue pieces to upgrade your cue to higher levels. When you upgrade your cue, it will have better stats for force, aim, spin, time, and XP points bonus. These things can help you extend the aiming guideline length, increase the shot’s force, add more spin, and get additional time to take every shot.
Some cues give you additional time with every shot you play, which can be helpful when planning your shots as you get the upper hand over your opponent. So it’s always better to invest in a powerful pool cue and plan to upgrade rare cues that give you bonus XP too.”

#4. Quickly Prepare For Your Shot

“When I first started playing, I had trouble taking my shots within the time limit, and sometimes I would miss my turn. This gave an advantage to my opponent because they got a ball in hand. But while practicing, I learned a cool technique to quickly align my cue for the shot without dragging my finger around the screen.

The Trick is to place your finger near the cue ball or at the tip of the pool cue and then drag it around to move the cue and prepare for the shot quickly. Then, to get the precise alignment, place your finger away from the pool cue and drag it up or down until you are perfectly aligned for the shot.

It’s important to practice this Trick a lot, and I recommend playing in the offline room so you can try it without losing too many coins. Each game in the offline room costs 25 coins, but you get to play for both players.

While practicing, don’t forget to keep an eye on the timer so you don’t run out of time and miss your turn.”

#5. Aim To Pot Balls With The Least Cue-Ball Movement

“When I first started playing 8 Ball Pool, I would hit the cue ball around the table without a plan. This made hitting my target ball hard and often left me with no good shot options. But then I learned about layout and pattern.

The Trick is to analyze the layout of all the balls after the break and look for a pattern that will let you clear the table with the least amount of cue ball movement. The goal is to plan your shot so that the cue ball lands perfectly for your next shot. You need to think ahead and plan your shots.

Getting good at this might take some practice, but it’s the best Trick I have learned to get better at the game.”

#6. Get Better At Aiming Using Paper Or Card

“Depending on the pool cue you use in the game, you may only see a short or medium-length aim guideline that shows the direction the ball will move. This is sometimes not enough to make trick shots, and we may need to find out if the ball will go in the pocket. But we have a hack for 8 Ball Pool that is safe to use.

We can use a small piece of paper or a card. It needs to be almost the length of your phone screen, but the width should be small so you can still see the rest of the table. The edge of the paper/card should be straight.

This Trick is useful when you want to see if your aim is accurate or not. It can help you make fine adjustments before taking the shot to ensure your targeted ball will reach the pocket.”

#7. Get Long Lines With This Secret Aim Hack

“The last Trick we have is the most wanted one, and you might have already guessed what it is just by reading the heading. Only a few people know about this hack, but it can be a game-changer for someone who has been playing it for a while and wants to win most of their matches.

Disclaimer:- This trick is only education purpose  . How using for this trick you mange you control very softly

The Trick is to use a mod version of the game that gives you long lines, a mod menu, anti-ban capabilities, and a visual hack for level and money. Here is a quick guide on how you can get it for yourself:”

To get the mod version of the game:

1. Open the game on your phone and sync it with your Facebook account.

2. Uninstall the game from your phone.

3. Download the 8 Ball Pool mod version from our APK section.

4. Install the mod version of the game on your phone.

5. Login using your Facebook account to sync your progress.

6. Alternatively, you can play as a guest

The hack may only work sometimes, so it’s important to try it yourself. Be aware that cheating in the game can result in a ban from the developers. Use it wisely, or try it on a secondary account to avoid this.

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We hope these tips, tricks, and hacks help you get more coins, and XP points, win matches, and unlock new cues in 8 Ball Pool. Let us know which Trick you found most valuable, and share your own strategies in the comments below.

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